VAT Registration Handbook

VAT Registration Handbook

By: Graham Elliott

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Publication Details

Edition: 1st Edition

Details: Paperback, 151 pages.

Publication date: 25/04/2014

Publisher: Claritax Books

ISBN: 9781908545473

Publication Status: Active

Publication Description

VAT Registration Handbook

The topic of VAT registration may seem very straightforward, but in reality it can be contentious and difficult, and HMRC’s internal guidance on the subject runs to many hundreds of pages.

In this practical volume, Graham Elliott of Withers Worldwide leads readers through the complex maze of issues arising, sharing his wealth of practical experience to highlight the pitfalls and planning opportunities in relation to this topic.

This book explains when VAT registration is a requirement, when it might be desirable, and when it might require more than one entity to be recognised and registered as such. It also deals with the possibilities of grouping more than one company together, with de-registration, and with many other practical aspects.

In addressing these issues, the book deals with such practical issues as what constitutes consideration, what constitutes a business, whether the activity is as agent or principal, and whether two ostensibly separate businesses are in reality one.

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Publication Review

“Explains the issues, and planning opportunities, in clear concise terms that can be understood by a non-VAT specialist. … An excellent, practical summary of VAT registration issues.” (AccountingWeb, October 2014)

“The book does not seek simply to help a practitioner fill in a VAT registration form. The writer concentrates on highlighting practical problems that would otherwise be missed, rather than reproducing or paraphrasing material a reader would find on the Revenue’s website. … I am sure any practitioner who has to deal with VAT for clients, but is not a specialist of the tax, would benefit from this book and applying its lessons.” (Taxation magazine, online, May 2014)



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