Construction Industry Scheme

Construction Industry Scheme

By: Howard Royse

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Publication Details

Edition: 1st

Details: Paperback, 227 pages.

Publication date: 01/06/2015

Publisher: Claritax Books

ISBN: 9781908545725

Publication Status: Out of print

Publication Description

Construction Industry Scheme

A practical guide to dealing with the requirements of the Construction Industry Scheme, based on years of experience gained by the author in representing clients, liaising with HMRC and working in the construction industry.

The book complements and expands upon HMRC’s publication CIS 340. It includes observations on the CIS consultation held by HMRC in 2014 and the summary of responses issued thereafter.

"A well-organised and comprehensive guide to the CIS rules." – TAXline

Howard Royse has been the ICAEW’s lead representative in CIS discussions with HMRC for more than 10 years.

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