Land and Buildings Transaction Tax 2016/17

Land and Buildings Transaction Tax 2016/17

By: Ken Wright

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Details: Paperback, 416 pages.

Publication date: 27/01/2017

Publisher: Bloomsbury Professional

ISBN: 9781784513658

Publication Status: Active

Publication Description

About Land and Buildings Transaction Tax 2016/17

Land and Buildings Transaction Tax is the only comprehensive and clear guide to the new Land and Buildings Transaction Tax in Scotland.

Land and Buildings Transaction Tax ('LBTT') is a tax devolved to Scotland under the Scotland Act 2012 which, whilst based on Stamp Duty Land Tax ('SDLT'), is different in a number of areas. These differences are explored throughout the text.

This text will provide practising solicitors and accountants in Scotland with essential and practical guidance on this new tax. The title provides comprehensive guidance on the general rules of LBTT including the transitional provisions and outlines the principal differences between LBTT and SDLT.

This authoritative text also includes:
Background to the introduction of LBTT;
Detailed coverage of many of the exemptions and reliefs from LBTT;
Comprehensive consideration of the rules regarding commercial leases;
The practicalities of LBTT compliance and administration
Special rules for partnerships and trusts;
Anti-avoidance rules;
Numerous worked examples.

Land and Buildings Transaction Tax is essential reading for lawyers, accountants, and other professionals dealing with transactions involving commercial and residential properties in Scotland, as well as academics wishing to observe the first stage in the development of devolved Scottish taxes.

Table Of Contents

Chapter 1 Introduction to Land and Buildings Transaction Tax
Chapter 2 LBTT – General Rules
Chapter 3 Key Differences between LBTT and SDLT
Chapter 4 LBTT and Leases
Chapter 5 LBTT Exempt Transactions and Reliefs
Chapter 6 LBTT and Partnerships
Chapter 7 LBTT and Trusts
Chapter 8 LBTT Administration and Compliance
Chapter 9 LBTT Anti-Avoidance Rules
Appendix A Addresses, Contact Details etc
LBTT returns
Appendix B Subordinate Legislation
Scottish statutory instruments
UK statutory instrument
Appendix C Checklist for Revenue Scotland Opinions

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